Adam Lambert Talks iHeartRadio Festival, Cory Monteith’s Death


Adam Lambert, who is performing with Queen at this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena and has joined the cast of Glee, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

The singer, who has joined the stage with the iconic band before during American Idol and in London last summer, revealed he was at first nervous to rock out with the legends.

“I was so, so nervous at first. I flew over to London to start rehearsals with them [last summer] and we only had 10 days scheduled and it was a lot of material to learn … but they were like chilling on a family vacation with your grandparents, cool uncle and cool grandpa, like they’re the cool guys who partied in the ’70s telling me stories.”

And aside from rocking out with Queen, the singer is also due to take on a role on FOX’s Glee.

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So what is Adam’s role going to be and how will the tragic death of castmate Cory Monteith be played out on the show?

“I have no detail yet,” he says. “All I’ve had is a meeting with [creator] Mr. Ryan Murphy. We brainstormed a bit about what could possibly be my role and so it’s kind of still in development. I don’t know when I start, but I’m so excited and of course this weekend was tragic news, so that might put a spin on things but I hope that … the cast and myself can hopefully honor Cory’s memory some how and I’m sure they’ll find a tasteful way to do so.”

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Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Adam, like how he’s working on new music.

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