Beyonce Tells Fan to Put Camera Down During Her Concert: Video


Beyonce‘s concert tour, Mrs. Carter Show, has been heating up all over the world, giving fans a special chance to have get up close and personal with the Queen B.

At the beginning of each performance Beyonce tells fans that her show is a place to get lost and enjoy the music, but for one fan it was hard to take that advice.

During her concert in Atlanta this past week while Beyonce was singing along with fans to “Irreplaceable,” she noticed one in particular was too distracted with their phone to even notice that the superstar was right in their face with a microphone. Beyonce playfully scolded him for not paying attention to her and being too busy catching the moment on their cell phone.

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When she saw that the fan was not responding to her she said, “See, you can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping. I’m right in your face baby, you gotta seize this moment baby!” She continued to said, ““You better put that damn camera down!” and that’s when the crowd burst into laughter and applause.

Meanwhile, Beyonce gave her hometown fans of Houston a special suprise when she performed her new song, “Bow Down” for the first time in concert there.

Fans were not expecting ther performance until a screen popped up introducing the song with pictures of her backup dancers as children with the caption “Bow Down” on them similar to a photo Beyonce published online for the song.

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Voices in the introduction video of the song addressed some of Beyonce’s most controversial rumors, like she turned down Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams’ mics at the Superbowl and that her preganancy was fake.

A snippet of “Bow Down” was released on her Tumblr in March giving fans a little bit of something before her next album drops.

Watch her perform “Bow Down” below: