E!’s Ken Baker Describes Cory Monteith’s Final Few Hours


Over the weekend, Glee lost one of its most-beloved stars, Cory Monteith, when he was found dead inside his hotel room in Vancouver.

E! News’ Ken Baker has been in Canada ever since the news broke and has been talking with local police, the coroner’s office, and other sources to piece together what happened that night, and he called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to share what he’s learned.

“I’ll tell you what, everyone’s been very open and accommodating,” explains Ken. “They’re not revealing too much, but what they have revealed is that they really believe this is going to come down to a toxicologies.”

The entertainment reporter adds that he spoke with one of the police officers working on Cory’s case, “and he said, ‘Look, we walked into the hotel room and it was very clear that there was no robbery, there was no weapon, that there was some sort of substance involved or substances’ … Now, I’m sorry if I’m being cryptic, but that’s just the information that we have … There were possibly drugs found in the room and they believe them to be in his system.”

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As for what the actor was up to on Friday night — just hours before he was discovered by hotel staff when he failed to check out of his room — Ken says he has confirmed that Cory, 31, had gone out with two females and a male friend and that they picked him up at the hotel.

“They went out and just had fun,” explains Ken. “He hit a club, they went out to eat, and he returned by himself around 2 a.m. and that was the last time on hotel surveillance video that we saw Cory Monteith alive.”