Preview: Selena Gomez Opens up to Ryan Seacrest in E! Special


Selena Gomez is telling all in a new sit-down interview.

On July 21, E! will air the special Ryan Seacrest With Selena Gomez and the “Come & Get It” singer holds nothing back as she opens up about her personal relationships, new album, and her film career.

The star — who turns 21 on July 22 — also talks about how starting in the business at 11 and going on to become a massive Disney darling on Wizards of Waverly Place shaped who she is today. “We’re kids, we’re growing up, we’re figuring everything out and yeah of course we had our moments,” Selena explains.

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And with all that fame has come some downsides, like all the attention from the paparazzi.

“I’m driving and then I just try to keep my head down, and then they just start getting mean and say things and it’s just not something that I really like,” Selena tells Ryan.

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She also opens up about whether she has a 10-year plan … and does it involve kids? “I mean, I’m Latin, so…[laughs]. I don’t know, obviously when that time comes I’ll decide, but of course I like having a big family.”

E!’s Ryan Seacrest With Selena Gomez will air on July 21 at 10 p.m.