Ian Ziering Confirms He Wants to Do SyFy’s ‘Sharknado’ Sequel


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen or at least heard about SyFy’s original movie Sharknado, which revolves around the combination of two fears: sharks and tornados.

The television movie was the No. 1 worldwide trending topic when it debuted on July 11, and at one point generated 5,000 tweets a minute. And with news of a sequel buzzing, we had to chat with star Ian Ziering.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum admitted when he first saw the script for the sci-fi flick, he didn’t take it seriously. “When I read it I thought it’d never see the light of day!”  However, the actor adds he’s always been a fan of the genre.

“I’ve always loved the Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis, that kind of bad-ass character was always something. I’ve loved the science fiction genre, the action adventure genre [and] when I read this script and saw that I got to jump off bridges and rescues little kids out of school buses and then chainsaw my way out of the belly of a shark it was pretty much, I had to do it.”

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So how does Ian explain the fascination that occurred even before the movie premiered?

“I underestimated the science fiction fan and by the way, now I know that those are the best fans out there,” the actor admits. “They are so dedicated . They’ll follow you anywhere and by the way, they happen to be very tech savvy so they got on the Internet … and every social media blew up even before the movie was launched!”

In fact, Ian admits the power of social media caught him by surprise. “I was on 90210 for ten years and it was only after the fact that I realized the global impact that it had. I wasn’t able to go anywhere in the world without being recognized … and this went global before it even aired!”

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And with the announcement of a Sharknado sequel, is Ian signing on again? “Heck yeah, oh my god. How are they going to top me pulling a woman out of the belly of a shark after I chainsaw my way out of it?”

The actor joked along with the social media buzz, even his friends can’t get enough. “Brian Green called me this morning and he was like, ‘Z, I got the next one. It’s going to be — Bearnami!'”

Looks like Ian is right, when he says: “Cross-pollinating natural disasters with top food chain predators, it’s an entirely new genre.”

If you missed Sharknado, catch it again on SyFy tonight (July 18) at 7/6c.