One Direction’s Niall Dresses as Old Man in ‘Best Song Ever’ Teaser


There are only a few days left before One Direction releases the music video to their infectious new song, “Best Song Ever,” but the boy band put out a teaser video to show Directioners what they’ll get to see.

The first shot of the teaser shows an overview of the Hollywood Hills with the words of the Hollywood sign replaced with “One Direction.” Then, a grizzly low-voiced man starts talking up the music video and getting prepared for the release of the video.

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Later, we see the man behind the voice, a studio executive who goes by the name of Harvey. But if you take an even closer glimpse … it looks just like Niall!

That’s right, Niall is dressed up as an old business man and that’s not all.

In addition to dancing and a half-shirtless Harry (wait, what?!), there is a quick shot of Zayn getting a mask painted on him, as well.

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Could it be that all of One Direction is dressing as old men in their new music video?

Looks like the boys are really maturing this time around if you know what we mean!

Check out the teaser for One Direction‘s music video, “Best Song Ever” and guess your predicitions for what else we get to see!