Ryan Beatty Opens up About Looking for Love, Turning 17: Video


All week, we’ve been rolling out pieces of content from our in-studio appearance from Ryan Beatty … and today, we have our exclusive Q&A session with him.

The 17-year-old opened up about his upcoming album (which he’s still working on), touring with Cody Simpson, and finding love.

As for his new music, Ryan explained to Karli Henriquez, that it “has definitely gone in a direction that I’m really loving right now, so I think people are really going to like it. It’s definitely something different.”

Ryan Beatty and Cody Simpson Perform at Seacrest Studios

He also explained that his musical influences tend to be older, which has to do with him turning 17 (Ryan becomes 18 on September 25).

Ryan also has a mature outlook when it comes to romance. Even though he’s talented and adorable, sometimes the singer does get a bit bashful.

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“I can be a pretty shy person, especially when it comes to that,” Ryan explains. “I actually wrote a song called ‘Love Will Come My Way‘ … I have this feeling that right now, I’m super busy and right now, I’ve not found love yet, [but] love will come my way when the time is right … I’m not trying to go look for love, I’m not trying to force anything. I’m waiting until love comes to me because that’s when it’s always going to be right.”

Check out Ryan performing “Love Will Come My Way”: