Watch: Ian Ziering Chainsaws His Way Out of Shark in ‘Sharknado’


If you missed what everyone was buzzing about after the premiere of SyFy’s Sharknado last weekend, you’re in luck!

On Thursday night, the so-awful-it’s-amazing flick, about a tornado that spits sharks onto Los Angeles, will re-air for an encore presentation at 7/6c.

Ian Ziering Confirms He’d Do ‘Sharknado’ Sequel

If the premise wasn’t crazy enough, the manner in which the movie’s hero, former 90210 star Ian Ziering, fights off the deadly sharks is just as far-fetched … with a chainsaw.

And in one memorable scene in particular, his character actually cuts his way out of the belly of a shark after getting swallowed.

‘Sharknado’ Twitter Reactions Better Than Actual Movie

Although it sounds gross, after watching you may find yourself laughing more than cringing.

Will you be watching the replay of Sharknado?