10 Places You Never Realized Were Awful for First Dates!


First dates are always nerve wracking for a number of reasons. Between potential awkward moments and choosing what to wear, going out with someone for the first time is filled with questions and concerns.

In order to help relieve at least some of your pre-date jitters, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places that seem like a good idea for a first date, but are actually pretty terrible places to go when you’re meeting up with someone new. If you want to have a good time, avoid these places like the plague!

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10. A Fancy Restaurant
You know that swanky restaurant you always pass by on your way to the mall? Yeah, not the best place to take your date. Fancy restaurants tend to be kind of stuffy, quiet, and stiff, which would set the tone for the rest of your date. You want to feel comfortable busting out laughing with your new man, or telling him the story about that time soda shot out of your nose because you were giggling in class with your BFF. Super-sophisticated restaurants seem romantic and exciting, but they actually tend to inhibit conversation since you’re so concerned about being proper and polite. Save the expensive meal for a later date.

9. The Movies
Every girl has dreamed of cuddling up to a guy in a movie theater, enjoying an entertaining romantic comedy in the darkness. While it seems like the ideal place for a first date, it’s definitely not! Movie theaters force you to be quiet, so you can’t talk to your date and get to know them. Also, simply because it’s a first date, you probably won’t be cuddling up very much considering you two hardly know each other. Going to the movies is a ton of fun, but is definitely not ideal when you’re feeling out things.

8. Bowling
So no fancy restaurants, no movies … how about bowling? At first, bowling seems like a great first date! You two are in a relaxed environment, you can get distracted by the game so there’s no awkward moments, but you can still talk to each other. Sounds great, right? Wrong! As fun as bowling sounds, many people actually can’t stand the game, and you’d hate to subject your crush to a date they hate. Figure out if they enjoy getting a strike before taking them to your local alley.

7. Mini Golfing
Just like in the movies, many new couples go on mini-golf dates. Like bowling, mini golf is a hit or miss; you either hate it or love it. It can also get pretty competitive which could really ruin a first date. Though mini-golfing may ease the first date awkwardness, if your guy is a sore loser or gets overly competitive, the date is dunzo.

6. Sporting Events
So you know your date is a huge baseball fan and there’s a big game happening this weekend. Our advice? Don’t go! If your crush is a huge sports fan and is die hard for one team, going to a losing game could ruin an entire date. Not to mention, if you’re not into the sport, you’ll be bored out of your mind. Plus, it’s not easy to hold a conversation when crazed fans are hollering. Try going to a sporting event once you’ve gotten to know them better.

5. Comedy Clubs
Comedy clubs do seem like the perfect venue for a first date because nothing eases tension like laughter. While comedy clubs are a great date spot, tons of things can go wrong when you watch a stand-up act with someone you don’t know very well. Many comedians make people laugh by cracking jokes out of controversial issues. It’d be awful if your date was super offended by the comedian’s humor because it would set a negative mood for the rest of the night. Find out what their sense of humor is before going to The Laugh Factory, that way you can make sure you’re both fans of the same type of humor!

4. A Concert
When you first met your date, you bonded over your shared love of Mumford & Sons, so why don’t you go to their next concert together? While you two will definitely enjoy yourselves at a concert you both like, listening to music takes away from valuable “getting to know each other” time. Sure you can ask about their upbringing in between songs, but ultimately, concerts don’t give you enough time to chat.

3. Museums
You both have an interest in contemporary art, so going to the local museum seems like a great idea. But, much like the fancy restaurant, museums can be a bit stuffy and make you feel uncomfortable about chatting it up while gazing at the collections. Not only would your conversation be a rude distraction to other museum-goers, it would also feel very limited since you’d have to be relatively quiet. You and your date would feel seriously limited by the environment.

2. Bars
Many first dates are attracted to bars because alcohol will help loosen you both up and make you feel less nervous. While the alcohol may initially be a blessing, things can take a turn for the worse easily if you down one too many vodka sodas. It’s easy to let the drinking get out of hand, especially when you’re having a good time and he offers to refill your beverage. Stay away from bars if you have any desire to see them again!

1. Coffee shops
So bars are a no-no because of the alcohol consumption, but that doesn’t mean you should head to the local coffeehouse to meet up with your date for the first time. Asking them out to coffee immediately seems more friendly than flirty, so they could get the wrong idea. Because a coffee shop is such a neutral area, you could be sending off a platonic vibe. Also, even if the date is going really well and the conversation is steaming up a bit, your coffee breath would smash any chance of a first date kiss! Save the Starbucks rendezvous for a second or third date, and don’t forget to bring a pack of gum!

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We know first dates are rough (trust us, we’ve all been there) so in order to make the most out of your first encounter, we wanted to tell you where we’ve had our worst first dates. When you’re going out with someone new, go somewhere casual, relaxing, and public, where you can talk freely without worrying about disturbing anyone. A stroll on the beach lets you guys be active while getting to know each other, while an outdoor cafe gives you some good one-on-one time.

Most importantly, just be yourself and then, even if you’re not in the ideal location, you’ll still have a good time. Good luck, first daters!