‘Clueless’ Turns 18! Watch Our 10 Favorite Scenes


In honor of Clueless‘s 18th anniversary, let’s roll with our favorite homies!

After taking a trip down memory lane with these clips, you’ll start sounding like everyone’s favorite ’90s Beverly Hills resident Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), and maybe even start dressing like her (or maybe at least for Halloween).

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This legendary 1995 comedy, based loosely onf Jane Austen‘s novel Emma, not only brought in about $56 million in the box office at the time — but also was largely responsible for putting Alicia Silverstone on the map. The film also stars Stacey Dash as Cher’s bestie Dionne and the late Brittany Murphy as Tai, Cher’s ugly duckling project. Not to mention a young Paul Rudd, who plays Cher’s ex-stepbrother/love interest, Josh.

With the help of this knockout cast, hilarious dialogue, and spot-on wardrobe, Clueless serves as a classic glimpse into the lives of teenagers in the ’90s living in Beverly Hills and partying in the Valley.

Take a look at these 10 memorable scenes below, and then vote for your favorite Cher line in our poll!

Cher Talks About ’90s Baggy Pants:

Cher Gives an Impromptu Class Speech on the Art of the R.S.V.P.:

The Girls Get Glam in Phys. Ed:

Cher Talks About Violence in the Media:

Cher Takes Her Driving Test:

Cher and Josh’s First Kiss:


Cher Learns Christian May Not Be Into Girls:

Dionne’s Freeway Freakout:

Travis Birkenstock’s Tardiness Speech:

Recap of Every Cher Horowitz Outfit: