Is Ryan Becoming Demi Lovato?


Demi Lovato recently contributed a piece to about the 16 signs you’re becoming her.

Amongst her reasons: Your favorite Disney princess is Cinderella, you’re not particularly attracted to Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum, and if you prefer Los Angeles to New York City.

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And on Friday’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Ryan went down the list and checked off what applies to him.

As for his favorite Disney princess, Ryan says he’s “more of a Jasmine guy.” He also tends to disagree “wholeheartedly” when it comes to Gosling and Channing … after all, Ryan cried during White House Down! “You know how I feel about Channing,” he jokes. “I have that Vanity Fair cover in every room … he’s amazing.”

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But he does agree with Demi when it comes to the super power they’d like to have: teleportation. “It gets you there faster than anything,” Ryan reasons.

Take a listen to the hilarious conversation: