Jennifer Lawrence Lost Custody of Her Oscar … to Her Mom


Jennifer Lawrence once again proves why she is so awesome.

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The Silver Linings Playbook star told Access Hollywood that she didn’t like the idea of showing off the award in her house.

“My parents took it back to Kentucky, ‘cause I felt odd having it, like, on display in my house,” said the 22-year old. “If anybody’s coming over to my house, I didn’t want them to remember that. Just kind of puts a weird energy out.”

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Apparently the Oscar winner put the award in a hallway that leads to a bathroom and her Mom didn’t think that was an appropriate place to stash the prestigious statue. “My mom was like, ‘I’m taking it. It shouldn’t be here.’ And now it’s on a piano in Kentucky!”

From joking about her famous fall at the Academy Awards to not wanting to keep the award in her house, Jennifer seems like she could be anyone’s best friend. Her new movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire spreads into theaters on November 22.

Watch the trailer below: