One Direction Poke Fun at Hollywood in ‘Best Song Ever’ Video


For One Direction‘s “Best Song Ever,” the boy band created arguably one of the best music videos ever!

The 6-minute production begins inside a Hollywood executive’s office with the suits — the boys of 1D in disguise — bragging about their close relationship with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

One Direction’s Harry Styles Dishes on ‘Best Song Ever’

Then the actual band comes in as one exec (Niall in disguise) exclaims, “They’re here! Real movie stars! … I love the Direction.”

The “marketing guy”  (Harry dressed as a nerd) for their movie, This Is Us, then presents the band with some ideas for their new look, including one inspired by The Village People.

Watch One Direction Get Silly in New ‘This Is Us’ Trailer

At that, 1D take over the office, trash it, and do things their own way … which includes a really funny dance number.

This Is Us will hit theaters on August 30.

Check out the trailer: