‘Supermarket Superstar’ Host Stacy Keibler Talks Insuring Her Legs


Recently-single Stacy Keibler is taking on a new role of host for Lifetime’s new competition show, Supermarket Superstar.

The blonde, who confirmed to us she’s split from George Clooney, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about the new show, as well as how she insured her legs!

Stacy describes the show as “the American Idol for food,” and tells us, “It’s really about making someone’s dream come true ,so if people have a recipe idea and they have a dream to see it on supermarket shelves, this is the show for them.”

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“We basically have home cooks come out and they pitch their recipe ideas to our panel of experts and they get mentored,” she continues. “They have to cook and there’s challenges, and focus groups [where] they have to work on the branding and product name. And [then] they actually pitch it to a supermarket buyer and one person gets a nationwide launch of their product on supermarket shelves.”

And speaking of valuable products, for Stacy, it’s no doubt her legs!

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In fact, the former pro wrestler admitted she’s had her stems insured for a rumored $2 million. So what goes down when one insures their legs? “There’s a lot of paper work and there are physicals you have to get and it takes a long time,” she tells us.

“They do actually [come take pics] and they take a lot of notes. I’m not sure what they’re writing down!”

Catch the premiere of Supermarket Superstar on Monday on Lifetime at 10/9c.