Watch a Beyonce Fan Freak Out and Collapse After Getting a Hug!


It seems like the entire universe is on a Beyonce induced high right now — no one can get enough of her — especially this guy who went into a frenzy when she grabbed his hand and hugged him during one of her concerts on her Mrs. Carter Tour.

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After the singer reaches out and clasps his hand during her “Irreplaceable” performance, it looks almost like Queen Bey’s voice causes an electric current to run through his body! Post-hug, he collapses on the ground in what seems to be euphoric exhaustion from his intimate exchange with the fierce popstar.

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We love this video because it shows gracious Beyonce making her fan’s dream come true! But we’re not going to lie, we’re incredibly jealous of this guy. Beyonce, can we get hugs too!?

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Check out the video above and stew in jealousy as this lucky guy gets up close and personal with our favorite singer.