Watch Selena Gomez Party Hard in 21st ‘Birthday’ Video


Some people settle for cake and ice cream on their birthday, but not Selena Gomez! This birthday girl went out with a bang.

21 Ways Selena Gomez Should Celebrate Her 21st Birthday

To celebrate the start of her 21st year, Selena premiered her newest video, “Birthday,” which will be featured on her upcoming album Stars Dance, available in stores on Tuesday.

“I wanted to celebrate my 21st Birthday with all of you, so we made this video for us all to celebrate to,” the “Come and Get It” singer wrote along with the video. “Thank You for all the love and support you have shown and continue to show me. I love you all so much!!”

Selena Gomez Turns up Sex Appeal in ‘Slow Down’ Video

Watch Selena get down on the dance floor with her friends in the video above.

We just wish it was our birthday also, so we would have a legitimate reason to rock out to this party anthem … but that’s not stopping us!