Toby Keith & Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Too Drunk To Karaoke’: 10 Best Songs


Love him or hate him, Toby Keith knows how to make people laugh with his silly country songs.

In a new duet with Jimmy Buffett, the two men sing about the struggle of getting onstage a little too tipsy and forgetting the words of a karaoke song. With beautiful women and red Solo cups surrounding them, the video is sure to bring a smile to fans’ faces.

Known for their fun summer songs, we feel it is appropriate to take a look at the 10 silliest songs that Toby and Jimmy have released. So kick back and enjoy these classics:

10) “Only the Best Looking Tuna” (Toby Keith)
Toby’s eloquent love song was performed on the Bob and Tom Morning Show back in 2012.
Best Line: “Turn around and go/You ain’t on my list/Only the best looking tuna/Gets to be Star Kist.”

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9) “Grapefruit – Juicy Fruit” (Jimmy Buffett)
Yes the song may be named after a type of gum, but Jimmy’s fans (Parrotheads) sway the night away to this island tune.
Best Line: “Grapefruit/A bathin’ suit/Chew a little juicy fruit/Wash away the night”

8) “Margaritaville” (Jimmy Buffett)
With Jimmy’s most famous song that propelled him to stardom, he also makes a fortune off the branding as he owns the restaurant chain, Margaritaville.
Best Line: “But there’s booze in the blender/And soon it will render/That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.”

7) “Life Is Just a Tire Swing” (Jimmy Buffett)
An interesting metaphor for life, Jimmy sings about the simpler times growing up.
Best Line: “Blackberry picking/Eating fried chicken/Never knew a thing about pain/Life was just a tire swing.”

6) “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” (Toby Keith)
Ladies, you now know the way to Toby Keith’s heart. He sings about ditching the country club and nice cars, but with his career, we’re sure he has got some nice stuff of his own.
Best Line:  “Hey I’ll find what I want in a honky tonk/I like girls that drink beer.”

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5) Chillaxin” (Toby Keith)
Just the title of this song is funny. It sounds like the answer that teenagers would give to the question, “Hey, what are you up to.”
Best Line: “Had a bad reaction/Gonna do my best to decompress/Chill-axin.”

4) License to Chill” (Jimmy Buffett)
We can see why these two collaborate … back-to-back silly “chill” puns. We could only dream of James Bond saying this in the movie License to Kill.
Best Line: “Leave me alone I’ve got a license/A license to chill.”

3) “Beer For My Horses” (Toby Keith)
In this collaboration with Willie Nelson, Toby dresses up as a detective in the music video and calls on his retired buddy Willie for help with a case. It is a must-watch video.
Best Line: ‘When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune/We’ll all meet back at the local saloon/We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces/ Singing whiskey for my men/Beer for my horses.”

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2) Cheeseburger in Paradise” (Jimmy Buffett)
Nothing screams paradise more to Jimmy than a big chunk of beef.
Best Line: “Not zucchini, fettucini or Bulgar wheat/But a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat/Cheeseburger in paradise/ Heaven on earth with an onion slice.”

1) “Red Solo Cup” (Toby Keith)
A party anthem for the ages!
Best Line: “Now I really love how you’re easy to stack/But I really hate how you’re easy to crack/Cuz when beer runs down in front of my pack/Well that my friends is quite yucky.”