Happy Cousins Day! Which Types of Cousins Do You Have?


The great thing about cousins is that you see them just enough to know them well, but not enough to get sick of them or fight with them like you would a sibling.

In honor of Cousins Day on July 24, we are giving thanks to cousins all around the country by asking you: What type do you have?

The Funny-Inappropriate Cousin

You know, the one who puts the whoopee cushion on Aunt Suzie’s seat before she sits down for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has the prankster cousin that gets yelled at for causing a ruckus at the family get-together. They always seem to grow up to be respectable and responsible adults, but growing up, they can be a pain in the you-know-what.

Did You Know: Funny lady Melissa McCarthy and new The View co-host Jenny McCarthy are first cousins.


Astrid Stawiarz / Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images


The “You Got All the Good Looks in the Family” Cousin

You cringe every time you need to listen to your extended family rave about how great your cousin looks in their prom pictures. It’s awesome knowing that at least one person with the same bloodline is amazing looking … it’s just disappointing you aren’t them.

Did You Know: Lost star William Mapother is a cousin to Tom Cruise.

Cruise and Mapother

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Adam Pretty / Getty Images


The Stellar Athlete

“Johnny just got picked for the summer travel team and Billy is first-team-all-state for baseball.” If this is the conversation going down when you walk in the door of your aunts and uncles place, you’ve got some athletes in the family.

Did You Know: NBA all-stars Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady are third cousins. Both even played for the same team, the Orlando Magic … just five years apart.

Carter and Mcgrady

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The Cousin You Have Nothing in Common With

“Yeah so … how’s school?” We all have that one cousin who you want to be good friends, but having conversations with them is like pulling teeth. It’s simply that there is no common ground, but you are bound by family ties to sit there, nod, and smile.

Did You Know: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is a cousin with the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio.

Macchio and Gorga

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The Book Smart Cousin

They are going to an Ivy League school or making six figures a year and you want to be their best friend. They are good for endless conversation because they know everything about anything and love to talk about it.

Did You Know: Screenwriter and Bling Ring director Sofia Coppola is a first cousin with actor Nicolas Cage.

Cage and Coppola

Mark Davis/Gareth Cattermole


 The Party Animal

Finally, everyone has that one cousin who brings all the drinks to the family get together. The life of the party, they tell the craziest stories and talk about their friends, even though you have no idea who they are … and you probably don’t care.

Did You Know: Despite their differences, Lady Gaga and Madonna are ninth cousins.

Madonna and Gaga

Tim Whitby / Jason Merritt