Danity Kane Reunites in the Studio: Are They Planning a Comeback?


Who doesn’t remember back in the day on MTV‘s Making the Band when P. Diddy formed one of the best girl groups, Danity Kane?

Audrea, Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and D. Woods went on to record two platinum albums, which spawned club hit likes “Show Stoppin’” and “Damaged.” But the success of their two records and worldwide tours wasn’t enough to keep the group together as Diddy dropped the ladies from his label in 2009.

As the songtresses went on to pursue their solo careers, in the back of our minds we wondered if Danity Kane would ever make a comeback.

Luckily, pictures have surfaced that show the group is in fact back in the studio working on new music.

The girl group was spotted in an Instagram photo taken by production team FRESHM3N Ill with the caption, “Fun session with Danity Kane. They’re dope!”

DK member Audrea Fimbres also posted an Instagram photo of four pairs of high heels, D Wood’s not included,  teasing the fact that the girl group is in fact meeting up once again.

So does this mean we will be hearing new music from them soon … dare we say a new Danity Kane album?!