Jason Sudeikis Announces ‘SNL’ Departure: His 5 Best Characters


The SNL veteran of 10 years is moving on.

On Wednesday’s, Late Show with David Letterman, funny man Jason Sudeikis, star of the upcoming film We’re the Millers, announced that he will not be returning to Saturday Night Live in the fall. Longtime cast members Bill Hader and Fred Armisen have already said that they will not be coming back as well.

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“I’m definitely done,” he told the late night host. “I’m gonna leave. Yeah, I’m not coming back next fall.”

This past season, Jason was the fourth-longest tenured member of the cast and had numerous memorable characters. In honor of his great career at SNL, here are Jason’s top 5 best characters:

Mitt Romney:

Football Jesus:

Joe Biden:

Pete Twinkle:

Phantom of the Opera: