Robin Thicke’s Wife Didn’t Mind the Naked Girls in ‘Blurred Lines’ Video


Robin Thicke phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about his upcoming album Blurred Lines and his recent chart-topping success.

The single off the album of the same title made headlines when the singer released its music video featuring none other than naked women. Robin, who has been married to Paula Patton since 2005, says his wife had no issue with the nudity.

“Well, you have to remember we are both artists in my family,” Robin explains. “My wife does the same thing in her new movie coming out [called] Two Guns with Denzel [Washington] and Mark Wahlberg. She has a topless scene in that, so we don’t take that stuff too seriously.”

But what is serious is how “Blurred Lines” has remained No. 1 on the charts for weeks now. “After 20 years of making music, to have this moment is a dream come true.”

So what is it about the upbeat jam that has made it such a success? “I think there’s something about how much fun it is, how happy it makes people … When my 80-year-old grandpa heard it for the first time he called me and said, ‘You’ve got a hit on your hands sonny boy!’ And he’s never called me about a song before … I think it just gets in your soul and makes you feel good.”

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And there’s more feel-good jams to come when the album — which includes tracks with, Dr. Luke, Kendrick Lamar, and Timbaland — drops on July 30. The sexy singer describes the album as “the most fun music I’ve ever made.”

“When I was making the album, I had some of my sad, introspective, depressing songs and then I had this group of really fun feel-good songs and my wife and I would listen to it at the end of the night and she would just dance around to the fun stuff and then when it got to the depressing songs she’d be like, ‘Can we just go back to the top?’ So I decided to leave the sad songs off.”

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