Throwback TV: Why You Should Go Back & Watch ‘Fresh Prince’


No one knows a theme song better than the one of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The ’90s television sitcom that lasted six seasons from 1990 to 1996 starred Will Smith from “West Philadelphia born and raised,” who was sent to move in with his rich relatives in their Bel-Air mansion, where you can imagine things got a little crazy.

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What made this show as popular as it was back then — and still today — are the hilarious characters that had their own way of doing things.

There was stern Uncle Phil, who never tolerated Will’s antics, the fabulous Aunt Vivian anyone would be lucky to have, spoiled and sometimes spacey daughter Hilary, sweet and smart youngest child Ashley, and the nerdy song, Carlton.

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The show was filled with not only a lot of meaningful life lessons, but you could also take away some of the cool dance moves to use at your next party.

In honor of this Throwback Thursday, we are looking back on these character’s best moments on the show and forewarning… you might fall out of your seat laughing!

The Signature Carlton Dance

A Typical Hilary Banks Conversation

Aunt Vivian Goes to Dance Class

Uncle Phil Gets Mad

Ashley Sings for the First Time

Last But Not Least… The Fresh Prince Theme Song