Woman Calls in to Admit She Said ‘Ryan Seacrest’ in Her Sleep


Do you talk in your sleep?

That was the case for a woman named Amanda, who called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

While in Las Vegas with her husband recently, the two retired to their hotel room for a post-pool (and margarita) nap, but she clearly had other things on her (subconscious) mind, which came out in her sleep … and luckily for us, her husband caught it all on video.

“What did I do wrong? Why were you yelling at me?” asks Ryan.

“No, I just said, ‘Oooohhhh, Ryan Seacrest,'” explains Amanda. “So you must have just appeared somewhere … I made croutons, I said, ‘Sing a song,’ and I saw you.”

Crazy, right? Not so, according to Ryan. “It makes sense,” he says. “I make homemade croutons.”

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while sleeping?