Prince George — 10 Royal Names We Would’ve Chosen!


Kate Middleton, the Royal Duchess of Cambridge, just gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy, with her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge on Monday, July 22nd, 2013. The world was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal bundle of joy, and were even more eagerly awaiting the announcement of his name: George Alexander Louis.

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While we totally understand that royal names are often chosen through tradition and family lineage, it would have been refreshing to see this hip and sophisticated couple choose something a little more trendy. If it were up to us, here are the 10 baby names we would have chosen for Britain’s littlest prince!

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10. Adrian Edward
This baby boy name holds several different meanings: In English, the name Adrian refers to someone who is highly spiritual and possesses strong leadership skills which is perfect for a potential heir to the throne, while “Edward” comes from King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II‘s great-grandfather. Royal meanings aside, this name has a nice, modern ring to it, much like the royal couple themselves who are very “with the times” despite their association with the traditional royal family.

9. Augustus Philip
The next masculine moniker that we think would have been a good contender for the royal baby’s name is Augustus Philip. At first, this name sounds too heavy for a child, but it is flexible because it can be shortened to something modern. We like “August” as a nickname because it’s unique, contemporary, and totally adorable. Augustus is a German name that literally means “great and magnificent,” which makes it perfect for the royal baby! The simple middle name Philip flows nicely with the longer, more complicated first name.

8. Elijah Owen
If this hot couple is looking for something youthful but not too quirky, Elijah Owen is the perfect namesake. Elijah has roots in several different religions (including Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim) and thus carries a distinct formality, but thanks to stars like Elijah Wood, it still feels stylish. Owen’s significance is “a well-born and young warrior,” which would attribute the baby with traits of strength and elegance.

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7. Ryan Chance
This edgy name not only pays homage to our very own Ryan Seacrest, but it also mixes tradition with modernity. The name Ryan is no doubt a common name, but when paired with a unique middle name like Chance (which means “good fortune” in both English and French), it immediately becomes more trendy.

6. Brendan Flynn
With a name like Brendan Flynn, this royal baby would be totally unique. Brendan is a Gaelic name meaning “brave,” injecting the newborn with attributes like courage and strength. We took the name Flynn from another popular baby-Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom‘s bundle of joy! Brendan Flynn is a name that’s trendy enough for this hip royal couple, but not too outlandish that Queen Elizabeth II would disapprove of it!

5. Addison Hendrix
A name like Addison sounds refined but feels very fresh. It’s a bit long for a baby, so shortening it to “Addy” could have made it the perfect nickname. Since the royal couple also seem like some of the coolest members of the famous British family, a middle name like Hendrix, after the late Jimi Hendrix, is stylish and relevant.

4. Basil Anderson
We know, we know, the celebrity tradition of naming a child after food is SO overdone, but hear us out on this one: Basil is a contemporary name that also holds “King” as it’s meaning in Greek…pretty fitting for a royal baby, don’t you think? Because Basil is quite an “out there” name, following it with the sophisticated and regal sounding Anderson simplifies it so that it’s not too quirky and weird for Kate and William.

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3. Sebastian David
Sebastian David is initially quite chic, but a common middle name, like David, grounds the more uncommon first name. In Greek and Latin, the name Sebastian refers to men who are passionate, intuitive, and romantic, while David means “beloved” in Hebrew. Sebastian David rolls off the tongue quiet nicely and sounds elegant without being too overbearing or heavy.

2. Justin Aiden
We think the monarchy could use an injection of pop culture into the ancestry, so we chose Justin as a good namesake for the tiny tot. Justin is a clearly progressive choice for the royal family because it hearkens to other famous Justin’s out there (namely, The Biebs. Duh.) Following the relevant first name is Aiden, an Irish name that means “fiery spirit.” Justin Aiden blends the familiar with the unfamiliar, making it a name that feels traditional enough for the famous family without being so boring and formal as George Alexander Louis. Plus, we think having a royal namesake could do wonders for The Biebs recent batterings by the press!

1. Harry Carter
Normally, the name Harry isn’t at the top of our list for names we love but over the years, the masculine moniker has grown on us for a number of reasons. First, this name is appropriate for the young prince because it is also the first name of his uncle, Prince Harry, who totally seems like he’ll be the coolest uncle this kid could have. Second, when we think of Harry, we obviously remember our favorite Hollywood hottie, Harry Styles! With One Direction‘s quick rise to fame, this otherwise unpleasant seeming first name has been turned into a piece of pop culture. And last, we will never forget the first Harry that stole our hearts: Harry Potter. The wizardly Brit is clever and courageous, making him the ideal fictional character to name a kid after. Ten points for Gryffindor! We included Carter as a middle name because it sounded fun and fresh with the more traditional first name.

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What do YOU think about the royal baby’s name? Which names do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!