Listen to Jayme Dee’s Sassy New ‘Broken Record’ EP


Meet Jayme Dee. This Southern California singer and songwriter is one up and coming artist you definitely don’t want to miss! Think Amy Winehouse mixed with Ellie Goulding and a flare of her own. Tune in above for an exclusive album sampler of her debut 6 track EP set to premiere in just two days!

The Redondo Beach native started her musical career during her freshmen year of high school when she stumbled upon a guitar while digging through her family’s garage.  According to her website, the 21-year-old said, “I found a guitar, and I started dabbling,” she recalls. “I never looked back. That’s when I started writing songs and making music. The guitar became my best friend.”

But after growing up with a mom who worked as a professional vocal coach and violin teacher, and a father who was a pastor at a local church, Jayme was surrounded by music well before that faithful day when she found her first guitar. Similar to how many artists start out, she got the opportunity to perform every Sunday at church in front of a crowd, and was completely trained in vocal and piano performing by the time she was in middle school. Talk about impressive.

One of Jayme’s First Youtube Covers: “Fix You” (Coldplay)

Jayme soon began recording acoustic covers of popular songs and uploading them to Youtube. Lo and behold, as a teenager she found herself quickly become a huge hit on Youtube, which led her to also start  posting original tracks too. She currently has over 19 million views and nearly 150 k subscribers on her Youtube channel!

Check out one of her biggest cover hits: Jayme covers “Pumped Up Kicks” (Foster the People)

Upon becoming a Youtube phenomenon, Jayme decided college wasn’t the place for her and left USC.  According to her website, she said going to college “wasn’t for me because I wanted to be immersed in the music industry and not reading books about it.”

Shortly after leaving USC, her original track “Love Whiplash” caught the eye of Universal Republic Records—where she signed in early 2011.

Listen to “Love Whiplash”:

Jayme shares on her site how she got her inspiration for “Love Whiplash.” “I was driving to church, and I wrote the chorus. I actually recorded it with the janky voice memo recorder on my iPhone. I was pissed at a guy. I thought, ‘You suck! I’m going to write a song about you.’ All of my ideas come to me when I’m driving in the car. I’m going to crash one day trying to press record.”

From nationally touring alongside Owl City, to preparing her debut EP, Jayme has come a long way from that day she found her first guitar. Check out her most recently released Vevo video “Tip Toes” below.

Watch New “Tip Toes” Video:

If watching “Tip Toes” wasn’t enough to get you excited for her album, Jayme says on her site, “I hope it’s empowering, and I hope it’s upbeat. At the same time, I hope people have fun when they listen to it. Is that too corny or too much to ask?” With the direction Jayme’s heading in, looks like she can definitely get what she’s asking for!