Katy Perry Opens up About John Mayer, Rob Pattinson in ‘Elle’


Katy Perry holds nothing back in a new interview with Elle UK.

The singer, who just revealed her new album is called Prism, opens about the men in her life — John Mayer and Robert Pattinson — and even her longtime friendship with Rihanna.

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Of her splits with John, whom she’s currently back on with, Katy after the broke up, “I realized I could lose the person I loved and I had to deal with some things, issues I think a lot of women have. You can be strong in one aspect of your life but submissive in another. In relationships, it was hard for me to speak up and set boundaries. I think a lot of that was to do with the fear of loss.”

One person who has experienced loss lately is Kristen Stewart, who reportedly split from Robert Pattinson recently. After rumors about the Twilight actor and Katy getting close, she says she immediately reached out to Kristen to clarify.

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“I sent [Kristen] a text message saying, ‘I know you’ve seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you. I’m not that person. I’m just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of t-ts.'”

Another pal Katy is a good friend to is Rihanna. “I love her and every time I see her, I’m reminded of the light that she has,” she tells Elle. “There’s a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages — they are the root of their demise. It’s really unfortunate but you can’t save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over.”