Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Breaks Radio Airplay Record


Robin Thicke‘s hit, “Blurred Lines,” is officially the song of the summer.

The singer’s single off his album by the same name has broken the record for the highest number of radio listeners ever recorded.

The Pharrellproduced song, which features T.I., has reached a total audience of 242.65 million listeners, beating the previous record of 188.8 million.

So why does Robin himself think the song became such a hit?

The singer shares his wife, Paula Patton, had quite the influence on his new music.

Robin Thicke’s Wife Didn’t Mind the Girls in Blurred Lines Video

“When I was making the album, I had some of my sad, introspective, depressing songs and my wife and I would listen to it at the end of the night and she would just dance around to the fun stuff and so I decided to leave the sad songs off and it’s actually the most fun music I’ve ever made.”

We like to think fun is an understatement!