Analyzing a Girl’s Facebook Page … From a Guy’s Perspective


Facebook is used for just about everything … from checking up on exes to seeing what your high school friends are up to these days. People often make snap judgments about a person based on what is on their profile.

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From a guy’s perspective, there are a few red flags when looking up a new crush or a long-lost love on the social network. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of a profile on Facebook:

Good: Factual Information
You really can’t go wrong with telling the truth. Where you went to school, where you work, and who your relatives are supply just enough information for a conversation starter. If you don’t like dishing out that kind of info, leaving it blank is better than fibbing.

Bad: You Received Your Education at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry
No one really cares about how much you love Harry Potter or how tough your childhood was that you needed to attend “The school of hard knocks.” In fact, posting this as your education is more annoying than funny. If you’re really a wizard, wave your wand and make your Facebook page disappear.

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Good: You and a Few Friends:
It’s always good to show off yourself in the profile pic. If you’re posing with a few friends, that can show people your fun side and that you can be social. With a cover photo you have free reign to do whatever you want, but a nice and simple profile picture is a good sign when meeting new people on Facebook.

Bad: We Can’t Pick You Out in the Mob of Sorority Sisters:
If the picture resembles a page out of “Where’s Waldo,” you’re hiding something. Most likely, half the people in the photo aren’t really your close friends anyway.

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Not a Good Profile Picture (

Good: Important News
If you are traveling, we like to hear about it. If you got a new job, that’s great, you will get a bunch of likes. A little commentary on something going on in the world (as long as it is not too political), sure, why not. Putting up good, insightful and sometimes funny statuses will get you noticed in the newsfeed for all the right reasons.

Bad: “I Made Dean’s List”
There is a fine line between posting good news and being that arrogant, annoying person. If every day there is a small achievement in your life, save it. Don’t share it with your 800 friends online! If telling people how great your life is describes you on Facebook, we suggest you go back and check your friend count … because you probably lost some.

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Good: Spacing Out Your Uploads
Putting up pictures here and there keeps yourself relevant on people’s news feeds and exciting to follow on Facebook. If you have a ton of photos to upload, sprinkle them online throughout the week.

Bad: You have 236 new photos
You want to have your friends get tired of you real quick, put up all of your photos from your trip to Europe in one day. Unless your friends have a ton of time on their hands, or are weirdly obsessed with you, no one will look at all your awesome photos.

Does this make you re-think your own Facebook profile? Are you guilty of any of these … or know someone who is?