Google Glass Tested by Bon Jovi: Watch View From Stage


Google Glass is wanted dead or alive by techies everywhere and during a recent concert, Bon Jovi got to test out a pair.

After singer Jon Bon Jovi tried out the charcoal-colored spectacles backstage at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the band’s keyboardist David Bryan rocked them in front of a sold out crowd of 55,000 during “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

In an statement to Mashable, Bryan explained, “Glass and wearable-technology is an example of another step in consumer-facing innovation that will change how we share the music experience with our fans in the future,” and refers to the gadget as an “uncharted territory.”

Does this sounds like something we can maybe expect Lady Gaga to use during her next performance?

Watch the video above and get a feel for the experience yourself! At the 1:48 mark in the clip is when Bryan picks up the Google Glass and starts to use it.

From the clip you can also see that fans went absolutely crazy for the invention — this could be the start of something big! Who will be the next artist to use Google Glass in concert? We’ll have to wait and see.