Mumford & Sons to Launch Whiskey: 6 Other Musicians With Own Liquors


After winning Album of the Year at the Grammys this year, Mumford and Sons is now going on to conquer the world of alcohol.

The rockers have set plans to launch their own whiskey label, keyboard player Ben Lovett tells The Sun, “It’ll happen. It takes a few years to make, so we better get cracking.”

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Mumford and Sons are not the first musicians to make the move into establishing their own liquor brand. Check out the rest … 

Fergie: Voli Light Vodka and Ferguson Crest Wine

The 38-year-old star is partner and owner of Voli Light Vodka, a low-calorie fruit-flavored vodka line that comes in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, mango coconut, and espresso vanilla. The former Black Eyed Pea even has her very own martini recipe with the company called the Fergatini. And if that wasn’t enough, Fergie Ferg and her father Pat Ferguson launched Ferguson Crest Wine earlier this year.



The Hanson brothers win most creative with their beer named MMMHOP. Named after their 1997 hit single “MMMBop,” their IPA (at left) is brewed in partnership with the Oklahoma craft beer company, Mustang Brewing. The beer will officially launch this upcoming fall — but don’t worry,  labeled beer glasses and shirts are available for sale now!

Justin Timberlake: 901 Tequila

Along with getting his foot in the door in every outlet of entertainment, the 32-year-old star even has his very own tequila. Named after his hometown Memphis, Tennessee’s area code, 901, this triple-distilled tequila has been a hit and is advertised as being as smooth as JT himself!

P.Diddy: Ciroc Vodka

Although it started out as an endorsement deal, P.Diddy now has an evenly split profit for Ciroc Vodka with the maker Diego. P.Diddy has been largely responsible for the vodka’s brand developing and marketing. Ever since the partnership was put into play, Ciroc sales increased dramatically. Coincidence? Most likely not.

Pharrell: Qream Liquer 

No surprise here that the 40-year-old super producer created a creme vodka in honor of women. Being the sweet charmer he is, the liquor is advertised to celebrate the beautiful, independent, and sophisticated women of today. The liquor comes in strawberry and peach flavors and is packaged in an elegant pink bottle, which looks like it arguably should be used for perfume instead.

Dave Matthews: Dreaming Tree Wine

The 46-year-old singer-songwriter has collaborated with award-winning winemaker Steve Reeder to create a vino of his own called Dreaming Tree Wine. The wine is advertised as being an environmentally-conscious product, including bottles that are 50 percent lighter than average with sustainably-grown corks and labels made with recycled brown paper. His line offers four different selections of wine, two of which are named after his hits, “Everyday” and “Crush.”