Ryan Seacrest Interviews Code.org Founder Hadi Partovi for ‘TODAY’


There’s an app for everything these days … and there will only be more and more over the coming years.

And Hadi Partovi wants to help teach young people how to write those codes for the apps of the future, with his non-profit Code.org.

On Wednesday morning’s TODAY show, Ryan Seacrest sat down with Hadi to learn more … and even pick up some computer programming himself!

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“We live in a world that is now surrounded by technology,” Hadi explains to Ryan. “Most people have a computer in their pocket. Most cars have 100 computers in them. But most Americans don’t know how to program a computer.”

That’s where Hadi and Code.org come in. “Most of the schools in the country don’t tech computer programming and coding,” he says. “The jobs outnumber students 3-1 in computer programming, so if we got more students to study this and to major in it, we’d be able to add a half a trillion dollars to the U.S. economy, which is a big deal.”

Watch Ryan’s interview with Hadi below:

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