Analyzing a Guy’s Facebook Page … From a Girl’s Perspective


So we recently detailed analyzing a girl’s Facebook page from a guy’s perspective … and now, ladies, here are some helpful hints when it comes to checking out your guy’s profile!

Males are just as guilty when it comes to making mistakes on Facebook. From a girl’s perspective, here are some things we think guys should totally ditch if they ever want to seem virtually acceptable.

Good: Posing With Family and Friends
It’s refreshing to see a guy who has a profile picture with his family or includes tagged pictures of himself hanging out with family and friends. It shows that they care about the people who are most important to them and value relationships with other people. A guy holding a puppy will always be a plus too.

Bad: Drunken Party Pics
We get it, you party. The worst way to turn a girl off is to see on some guy’s profile that the first 100 tagged photos of them are looking drunk at a party or doing keg stands. This also goes for bathroom and gym selfies too. Avoid at all costs!

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Good: Relevant News that Shows What You’re Interested In
Girls take notice in guys who post things on their news feed that they they are passionate about, like their favorite band or TV show. As long as you don’t post about the same thing everyday we are okay with it and maybe we’ll find something we have in common.

Bad: Unnecessary Rants
Better known as word vomit, we do not want you posting a page-long rant about how you feel about the next political campaign or other topics that aren’t worth claiming about on Facebook.

Good: Showing Interest by Posting Funny Things on Her Wall
If you are interested in a girl and want her to notice you more, it’s nice to post things on her wall like funny a YouTube video or something relevant to her interests. It shows that you care and you know what she likes. It’s even better if you can make a us laugh from something you’ve sent us!

Bad: PDA on Her Profile
If you are already in a relationship, avoid the excessive mushy-gushy wall posts on her page and spare all of us. We would rather not know about your love life and see every day how much you “loooooooooove” her when you can say it in person.

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Good: Appropriate Number of “Likes”
It’s flattering when we see that you like one of our profile pictures or even comment that we look nice in a picture. It is not creepy at all and actually makes us feel good.

Bad: Too Much Involvement
Don’t overstep your boundaries and comment on a conversation with our friend that you are not even involved in. It means either a) you’re creeping on us or b) you’re desperate for attention. Also, liking every single one of our pictures in an album isn’t funny, it’s annoying. Excessive commenting and liking pictures is something to stay away from if you still want to not look like a total creep.