Austin Mahone Inspires Patients at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte


The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was graced with the presence of talented singer Austin Mahone during the opening of the latest Seacrest Studios at the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Austin sat down with Ryan and patients in the hospital to talk about how he built his success from starting out on YouTube to having thousands of fans screaming his name, inspiring kids all across the nation to achieve their wildest dreams.

Austin Mahone Is ‘Hot’ and ‘Dreamy,’ Say Ryan’s Friends

Currently, the “What About Love” singer is on tour with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on her Red Tour and will plan to release his new album in October. Looking back, Austin says he never expected to achieve the success that he has today and even revealed that he started making YouTube videos with his friend growing up in their small town in Texas just for fun because there was noting else for them to do.

Now rewind a few years later to today and Austin can be seen singing for President Barack Obama and hanging with celebs like Selena Gomez, who he has even been linked to in the tabloids.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation Celebrates Seacrest Studios Charlotte Opening

Ryan brought up that a picture was taken of him and Selena on a recent trip to Disneyland together and asked if anything romantically was happening between them. “I was actually in L.A. the same time she was and she invited me and my friends to go to Disneyland with her and her friends, so it just kind of worked out,” explains Austin. “We had a good time … It was crazy. I knew a lot of people would be there and a lot of people know her, so it was cool and we had a good time riding rides.”

Listen to the entire interview below: