Justin Bieber Turns Left Arm Into One Giant Tattoo: See New Photo


As if tattooing his mother’s eye on his arm just two weeks ago wasn’t enough, Justin Bieber has headed back to the parlor for another one-on-one with the ink artist.

What’d he get this time? A blooming red rose positioned right next to his most recent “eye-stounding” ink job, thus turning all the tattoos on his left arm into one complete sleeve.

TMZ has an even better photo of the massive ink, which you can see here!

The new look is shocking to us because it seems like only yesterday that he was the sweet, young kid with side swept bangs singing on YouTube! He’s growing up so fast!

The “All Around the World” singer now has a total of 17 tattoos, all of which seem to hold some special meaning for him. So far, he hasn’t revealed the significance of the floral tat on his arm, but we’ve got some of our own ideas.

Justin Bieber Gets New Tattoo … of His Mom’s Eye!

On-off flame Selena Gomez spent the majority of her 21st partying with a pretty, single, red rose, a gift given to her from Justin. Perhaps Justin’s new ink art is a symbol of his affection for the “Come and Get It” singer? Chances are, there’s more behind the tattoo than that, but a girl can dream! The two pop singers had a romance fit for a fairytale!

What do you think of Justin’s tattoo? Has he gone overboard or do you like it? Sound off in the comments!