Robin Thicke, Fallon Perform ‘Blurred Lines’ With Kids’ Instruments


“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, TI, and Pharrell is no doubt the song of summer, but we guarantee you’ve never heard it quite like this!

Robin joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to do a totally unconventional cover of the controversial-but oh-so-catchy hit.

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Instead of utilizing a bevy of professional instruments, the talk show host and R&B singer, along with hip-hop group The Roots, decided to challenge themselves by only using ‘instruments’ found in an elementary school classroom. That means the song is performed using only kazoos, clackers, maracas, and Robin’s angelic voice.

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The result? An incredibly interesting version of “Blurred Lines” that sounds almost like it could be on Barney & Friends, but still manages to make us tap our feet and bob our heads. A little rough around the edges but undeniably awesome, Robin’s youthful take on his own song is impressive and shows just how wide-reaching and universal this upbeat tune is. No wonder it gets so much airplay on the radio!

Check out Jimmy and Robin’s take on “Blurred Lines” and then comment telling us how you feel about this simplified version of the summer sensation.