Selena Gomez Shines on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Videos


On Thursday night, Selena Gomez made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live just after attending the Young Hollywood Awards where she won the Fan Favorite Album Award and the Most Anticipated Tour Award. Although the brunette beauty claimed she couldn’t move in her tight-fitting dress, there was no telling of her discomfort, as she looked absolutely stunning.

Selena opened up to the talk-show host on a variety of topics, including the 21st bash everyone has been talking about. She shared with Jimmy that she invited a list of 100 people to the exclusive party, with everyone on the guest list having the option to bring a “plus 1.”

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She also explained her theme for the party: “I wanted it to feel like you were in a genie’s bottle.” With blue and pink curtains, candles, and belly dancers surrounding the party Selena said, “It was really pretty, I had girls that were dressed up like mermaids and I was so fascinated by them I basically spent my whole party with them.

The Spring Breakers star also shared that she asked her party guests to make a donation to UNICEF in place of bringing her a present.

She shared with Jimmy some details about the tour, including that her mom will not be joining her due to her recently giving birth to Selena’s new baby sister.  “I’m the babysitter that likes to cuddle and sleep with her and the moment anything happens down there, or she throws up, I’m like ‘here you go, Mom.'”

During the talk show, a clip from Selena’s upcoming film Getaway was shared as well. She stars alongside Ethan Hawk and plays a “punk” who tries to help a retired race car driver find his kidnapped wife.

Getaway hits theaters August 30. Check out the clip below from the show for a sneak peek on the film: