Will Instagram Be the New Way to Watch the News?


Is the same site you use to look at Throwback Thursday pictures going to be the same place you learn about current events?

Well if it’s up to one news outlet, you will find out breaking news through Instagram. NowThis News, founded by Huffington Post co-founder and former Chairman Kenneth Lerer, is utilizing social media platform’s new video feature to deliver the news. Since the videos can be no longer than 15 seconds, the stories need to be concise and to the point.

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Editor in chief Ed O’Keefe told Business Insider that they are not worried about monetization  at this point, but just interested in the new platform. “It’s news in your pocket. Wherever you go, whatever you need, NowThis News is going to be on the platform you’re using,” he says. “It’s an entirely new way to watch and experience news.”

Check out one of the groups news reports. Do you think this is the way of the future?

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