Are You a Super Fan? 6 Ways to Tell


Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and many more of today’s biggest stars are on the road this summer and coming to a town near you.

But even though you may know some of their songs or want to attend a show with your friends, certain traits separate the fair-weather fans from the die-hards. Do any of these describe you?

One of Their Songs Is Your Ringtone, Alarm Tone, and/or Personal Anthem:
When you wake up, answer your phone calls, and work out to “Born This Way,” you can put yourself in the super fan category. You are also probably counting down the days to MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Their Website Is on Your ‘Favorites Bar’:
If Facebook, email, and are your three most visited sites, not only are you a die-hard fan, you may have a problem. Your credit card information is probably saved in the Fan Store. You can probably rattle off the next five stops on their tour. And finally, you’ve probably been procrastinating on your homework a little too long.

You Don’t Need to Google Their Birthday:
Your friend: “Hey, do you know when Beyoncé’s birthd…”
You: “September 14, 1981 in Houston Texas, born to Tina and Matthew Knowles.”

If you can rattle that off without stopping to realize how nutty you sound, you can consider yourself a super fan. Only super fans can recite random facts that even the artists may not know about themselves.

People Should Proceed With Caution If They Say Your Fave’s Music Is “Not That Good”:
Oh no you didn’t just say Taylor Swift‘s songs are too sappy. If you are the type of person who will get red in the face, lose your voice, and maybe even your friends by going to bat for your favorite artist, being a super fan is part of your nature.

You Ruin Your Friend’s Concert Experience by Telling Them Which Song is Coming Next:
“Ok guys, after ‘Mirrors,’ he is going to play ‘Suit & Tie’ and finish with ‘Sexy Back.‘” If you are the person that has your favorite artist’s set list memorized front to back, it is safe to call yourself a super fan. It is also safe to say you may have some angry people next to you who liked to be surprised at concerts.

You Can’t Really Shuffle Your iPod:
The party always gets interesting when you shuffle your iPod. But when 300 of the 400 songs on the iPod are Maroon 5, you know you’re a die-hard fan. That’s also the sign that the party might need a new DJ.