‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’: A Final Farewell to Greece


In this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Kardashian-Jenner clan savor what’s left of their Grecian getaway. And for them, that means making sure Kendall doesn’t feel isolated from the rest of the gang.

But first, Kris and Brody pick up right where they left off last week in their heated argument. After letting out the feelings they’ve been holding in for years, the stepmom and stepson finally make a step forward in their relationship. “Finally a breakthrough,” Kris says. “I feel hopeful that he’s getting me a little bit and my point of view, and I’m getting him. It’s time for a new beginning.”

Although Kris is in great spirits about Brody, she’s concerned for Kim, whose last months of pregnancy have been treating her pretty rough, Kris says. She just wants her daughter to find her happiness, since her own babies brought her happiness.

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For Khloe, however, she’s enjoying every second of the family vacation, especially with her YOLO pact still full in effect. But not everyone is loving the trip as much as she is. When Khloe and Kylie go ATVing with the Jenner boys, Kendall feels left out.

The family packs up their things in Mykonos and heads to Santorini, which to them, is the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen. During their first dinner there, Kendall reveals her true feelings. “I am not as outspoken as my family, but that doesn’t give them any right to just act like I’m not there and leave me out of things,” she says.

Both Kim and Khloe leave Greece early to go back to their respective beaus. So Khloe asks for Brody’s help to make sure Kendall feels loved and included for the duration of the trip. Brody holds true to his word when he goes out of his way to spend one-on-one time with his little sister.

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“Now I’m ATVing with Brody and this is kind of what I wanted the vacation to be like,” Kendall says. “I wanted the time with my brothers who I don’t get to see that much.”

With the family breaking plates, screaming, “Opa,” and dancing the night away under the beautiful Grecian sky, we would say this trip is another one for the Kardashian family books. “This has been such a magical vacation,” Kris says. “I think for us, it’s really important to take these vacations because we really have to stop and think about how blessed we are.”

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