Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Surprise Fans With Special Guests


Fans were given a wild surprise at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal on August 3 when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis introduced two very special guests to accompany them in singing the hit song “Same Love.”

Twin sister duo Tegan & Sara were greeted onto the festival stage by thousands of excited fans. The artists all began their live rendition of the smash hit, which preaches quality, tolerance, and love.

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have made no effort to hide their political views concerning same-sex marriage, while Tegan & Sara are both openly gay. At the festival, the “Thrift Shop” singer made a short speech before beginning “Same Love” in which he commended the country for their acceptance of gay marriage.

“I believe in compassion,” he said. “I believe in tolerance, and I, like the rest of Canada, believe in equality.” Upon hearing that, the crowd roared in agreement with the singer.

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“Same Love” has hit U.S. radio waves at an extremely pivotal point in American history and seems to showcase our nation’s growing understanding and acceptance of people who may be different.