Kings of Leon Go Retro In ‘Supersoaker’ Music Video


Kings of Leon take it back to the days of poodle skirts and old school Cadillacs in their music video for “Supersoaker,” the first single off their upcoming album, Mechnical Bull.

The retro video sets the scene for a lighter, more fun look at the rock band who are all smiles performing at a local drive-in.

Listen: Kings of Leon Return With New Single, ‘Supersoaker’

What’s even cooler about the new music video is the Instagram-inspired filters that make this video all too cool and vintage-looking.

But the leather bomber jackets and worn out white T’s worn by the Nashville boys are what really make us want to watch this music video again and again.

Also on Tuesday, the band revealed the cover art for their album, Mechincal Bull, which arrives September 24.

Will you be buying their new album?