Desiree Hartsock and Chris Defend Their ‘Bachelorette’ Engagement


ABC’s The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and her now fiancé Chris Siegfried are defending their relationship.

The couple, who became engaged on the finale of the hit show, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk their engagement and reveal that they’re putting her past suitors, like Brooks Forester, behind them.

If you caught the finale, then you witnessed the cringe-worthy moment when Desiree interrupted Chris’ heartfelt proposal. “I wasn’t really sure [what to think in that moment],” Chris admits. “I  was in the midst of a proposal and she had a few things to say, so in the end, I was actually very happy she did come out and was as honest as she was.”

And during her moment of being honest, Desiree even brought up her feelings for Brooks, expressing she had to lose him to find Chris.

Host Chris Harrison Says Des & Chris Are “Sincerely In Love”

“That’s the hard thing to really understand from the viewers point of view,” Des explains. “The feelings are very accelerated in this type of experience because I get to know the guys very quickly and feelings are formed very quickly, but thats also why I was able to get over the Brooks hurt pretty quickly.”

Although she clearly displayed she was hurt from Brooks’ exit, the bridal stylist defended her decision to choose Chris in the end. “I just think when you know, you know. And I know Chris and I are going to last and get married and have a future.”

So if Brooks hadn’t left her early, does Des still think she would have ended up with Chris? “That’s where I don’t have a clue because those last two weeks are the most vital … it’s more about if I could picture this person in my life forever,” she admits. “But to be honest, I’ve always had a connection with Chris so I don’t know how it would have ended if Brooks would’ve stayed.”

Even the Producers Were Shocked By the Finale!

And after hearing this, we can only wonder what Chris thinks about the whole Brooks debacle. The 27-year-old Seattle resident admitted: “I know about it, but I didn’t watch it like everyone else did.”

“Des and I decided pretty early on I was only going to watch our dates together and just kind of turn off the TV at that point and just work to continue the relationship we’ve already established … it’s not worth going back and watching that stuff.”

To which Desiree added: “I feel our relationship started very naturally and to be honest we are each others best friends. I truly believe regardless of the show or if we met at a coffee shop, we’d still be together.”

Congrats to the happy couple, and here’s to surviving the Bachelorette curse!