Why Dane Cook Decided to Lend His Voice to the Movie ‘Planes’


Dane Cook is taking on a new role and audience. The funny man is voicing the character of Dusty Crophopper in Disney’s latest animation flick Planes.

The comedian shares he decided to take on the role because: “I talk to my fans … and the one thing that always comes up is ‘I have a family of my own now and I may not be able to come see your concerts or go to a club like I used to now.’ So it was really trying to figure out something that was going to entertain my fans, but open the gap a little bit and make it more of a family adventure.”

Similar to the successful franchise Cars, Dane expresses, “Hopefully we can make many more.”

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And aside from voicing a plane, Dane’s also embarking on his first tour in three years. Kicking off in mid-September in Washington, D.C., Dane explains the meaning of the tour name: Under Oath.

“It has a couple different meanings but mainly … this idea that stand-up comics, we’ve always been kind of free to speak our minds and in a world of politically correct groups that love to come after comics, I think it’s kind of wasted time and energy. It was my tongue-in-cheek way of saying if you know me, if you like my stand-up comedy, it’s me doing what I always do: speaking the truth, speaking the whole truth and if you’re sensitive, you shouldn’t be in a comedy club.”

Catch Planes in theaters August 9 and for ticket information for Dane’s Under Oath tour, click here!