One Direction on Track to Become Billionaires by End of Year


It pays to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world!

One Direction is on track to become billionaires by the end of 2013, according to a report by Business Insider.

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How’d Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis make so much? The site breaks down their worth:

Concert Ticket Sales: $457,500,000
Half of 1D’s revenue comes from ticket sales for their tours. Even though the group didn’t perform much in 2013, they’ve already sold tickets for their 2014 stadium tour, which BI predicts will rake in roughly $270,000,000, in addition to $187,500 earned from this year.

Record Sales: $300,000,000
One Direction’s two albums, Up All Night and Take Me Home, have sold 30 million copies worldwide (at roughly $9.99 a pop).

Movie Ticket/DVD Sales: $165,000,000
On August 30, 1D’s 3-D movie, This Is Us, is sure to be a massive hit … and then of course, there is also the DVD sales, so fans can watch their favorite boy band over and over again. In addition to the $150 million Business Insider predicts for This Is Us, it also reports the guys earned $15 million for their 2012 DVD, One Direction’s Up All Night: The Live Tour.

Merchandise: $67,500,000
Every One Direction fan needs the merchandise to back it up, and between t-shirts, pajamas, watches, and upcoming fragrance, the group has earned a ton … and just enough to get them closer to that $1 billion mark!