Panic at the Disco Drummer Quits ‘to Take Care of Himself’


Panic at the Disco now has a good reason to panic.

The band’s drummer Spencer Smith quit on Wednesday in the middle of their tour in order to “take care of himself” following rehab for prescription pills, singer Brandon Urie says in a statement.

“It’s become evident Spencer still needs more time to take care of himself. I can’t expect him to be fighting addiction one minute and be fully immersed in a national tour the next. With all that said, the tour will continue without Spencer while he is away getting the help he needs. Thank you all for your support and kind words. I love you. I believe in you. Just show up and don’t ever give up.”

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Previously, Spencer had told MTV during a sit-down interview that he was excited to hit the road with Panic at the Disco, but was “nervous” about being on the road during recovery since there was not going to be a ban on alcohol backstage during their tour with Fall Out Boy.

“It feels like what I’m doing is right, and what we’re doing is right,” Spencer told MTV. “It hasn’t been that way since the first album, and I can’t wait to keep going from here.”

Panic at the Disco has yet to announce Spencer’s replacement, but are continuing on their mostly sold-out tour. Click here for venue and ticket info.