Justin Bieber Kisses Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande must have been blushing after she received a sweet kiss on the cheek from Justin Bieber after opening up for him on his Believe tour on Thursday, but some fans were not too happy.

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After the 20-year-old posted the a picture of the Biebs sweet gesture on Twitter, she not only received a lot of re-tweets, but also a ton of backlash from Justin’s fans.

Ariana Grande/ Twitter

Ariana Grande/ Twitter

The caption of the “scandalous” picture read, “You’re crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you,” because apparently Ariana’s grandmother is a huge Bieber fan too.

Due to the backlash, the songstress soon deleted the tweet and retaliated with some words of wisdom informing angry fans that the two are just friends.

Ariana has been dating Aussie star, Jai Brooks, for 10 months now, so there is no sign of the “Boyfriend” singer and her to be getting together romantically anytime soon.

Ariana and Justin may be just friends, but he certainly thinks highly of her grandma.