Jacqui Rivera Talks Continuing ‘I Love Jenni’ Without Mom


The daughter of late singer Jenni RiveraJacqui Marin Rivera phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk the family’s reality show I Love Jenni.

Dubbed the “Mexican Kardashians,” the show portrays the family and their everyday life, including mourning the passing of their famous singer mom.

“For me it wasn’t difficult at all,” Jacqui shares about continuing the show. “I thought it would be difficult for my brothers and sisters but we took a month off and we just decided it’s what our mom would want us to do.”

On the show, Jacqui has a reputation for saying whatever’s on her mind, a trait she says she got from her mom. “I think I got that from my mom. We are the same personality  but we kind of clashed because I was like that, ever since I was little. And then my daughter is the same way, so I guess I’m getting a taste of my own medicine.”

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And speaking of her daughter, Jacqui is expecting another baby on the way. “We’re hoping for a boy,” she tells us. “My husband really wants a Junior and I’m totally against it so we don’t talk about [names]…[but] I’m looking for a biblical name.”

Jacqui also shares she plans on passing down two lessons from her mom to her kids. “I think to never give up, first of all, because she never gave up. And to just be yourself whether people like it or not.”

Aside from being a mother, Jacqui is also working on her own music career. “I’m trying to. My mom said I always had the voice but I have stage fright.” Laughing: “I sing at church on the worship team but I think it’s easier to sing Christian music because you can close your eyes!”

Catch Jacqui and her family on I Love Jenni Sunday at 9/8c on Mun2.