Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch Affordable Fashion Line: Photos


A clothing line with Topshop-priced items by the high-end designing duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? This can’t be real life.

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The creators of a $55,000 crocodile-leather backpack from their luxe label, The Row, have officially launched a collection with Norwegian retailer Bik Bok, which offers clothing, handbags, and accessories at considerably more affordable prices. But there’s one major downfall: They only ship to Norway and Sweden.

Check out their entire collection here!

Bik Bok

Bik Bok

Scandinavian fashionistas, however, can get a taste of the twins’ dark and grungy, but super glamorous aesthetic with over-sized shapes, black chiffon tops, edgy leather pieces, and even some plaid. We loved their lines, Elizabeth and James, The Row, and Olsenboye, but this collection takes the cake.

Bik Bok

Bik Bok

“We feel the collection reflects our personal style and will connect with the Scandinavian girl,” Mary-Kate Olsen said in a statement on the brand’s website. Ashley added, “We’ve enjoyed the design process with the Bik Bok team and are excited to visit Oslo and Stockholm to launch the first of three collections in August.”

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Although we only get to browse Bik Bok’s site, we can’t wait see what this fashion-forward twosome has in store for their other two collections!