Ryan and Ellen Try Cotton Candy-Flavored Grapes: Are They Good?


You’ve heard of hybrid cars and cross-breed dogs … but what about fruit?

The latest craze to come out of California is cotton candy-flavored grapes, which sounds both yummy and confusing.

On Friday’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the team tried the new “invention” from “fruit breeders” and our reaction will probably surprise you.

“I don’t know that they necessarily go together,” says Ryan. Still, once he popped a grape, “They taste just like cotton candy. It’s not right. It’s ridiculous … you should pass those around to everyone. It’s like getting cotton candy, but also health! It’s so good. Remember when I was talking badly about fruit breeders? … They’re amazing!”

We were lucky enough to talk to the man responsible for this amazing new snack, fifth generation farmer Jim Beagle.

“You’d be really happy to know it’s completely natural,” he tells us. “We go around the world looking for the most flavorful varieties of grapes, find things, and crossbreed them.” In fact, Jim adds, his latest creation was an accident.  “We lucked out finding something that tasted like cotton candy.”

And he’s not stopping there. “This is just the front end of many things to come … grapes that taste like mangos, raspberry lemonade.”

Will Jim’s next project be filet mignon-flavored grapes? Listen to his interview and find out!