Short Hair vs. Long Hair: Why Beyonce’s New ‘Do Is Easier


In a bold move that shocked Beyonce fans everywhere, the “Bow Down” singer unveiled an insanely hot (and totally surprising!) new hairstyle: a bright blonde pixie cut!

While everyone knows Queen Bey can pull off literally any hairstyle, most girls would be too intimidated to spontaneously chop off their long locks. Now that our favorite singer has done it though, we’ve realized there are numerous benefits for keeping tresses trimmed. Check out these eight reasons why short hair might be better!

8. You Save Money on Hair Products

With a pixie cut, you use less shampoo and conditioner, thus saving you from needing to buy a new supply every month or so. When you lather, you only need a small amount! Cropped cuts mean serious savings to your bank account.

7. It’s Knot-Free and Low-Maintenance

Have you ever avoided showering at night because you hate going to bed with wet hair (nothing is worse than a damp pillow all night)? Or have you woken up with giant knots in your curls that take a tons of time and pain to get out? With a short bob, you don’t need to deal with any of that. Pixie cuts are hassle-free because it doesn’t get tangled and air dries in a matter of minutes.

6. You Can Swim In The Pool Without Getting Your Hair Wet

We’ve all been there…your friends are jumping in the pool but you just washed your hair and don’t want to get it wet again. With a bob, it’s easy to have fun in the pool without getting your tresses soaked. You avoid having to do the dreaded “top knot” when trying to keep long hair out of the water and can just have fun splashing around! The short bob is perfect for summer days.

5. You Pull Off the Sexy Secretary Look Better Than Anyone Else

Tons of the world’s top models now are opting for short hairstyles, and they prove that pixies pull off that naughty corporate look better than anyone else. Short hair is usually associated with seriousness, but paired with a sexy button up and pencil skirt, you automatically look business beautiful. After all, have you seen Karlie Kloss?!

4. You Can Get Ready Faster

Have you ever declined an invite to go out simply because it was too late and your hair would take too long to style? Decline no more, ladies, because with a short ‘do, you’re able to get ready super fast. Throw some mousse into your trimmed locks, apply make up, and you’re ready to go!

3. You’re Different

There’s no denying that many girls choose to keep their locks long, so when you’re bold and chop them off, you become different. To admirers, you’re new and interesting. Your exciting new ‘do shows friends and potential lovers that you’re adventurous, spontaneous, and a risk taker. Although short-hair really isn’t that big of a deal, since the trend now-a-days is long hair, you’re going against the grain and looking fabulous while doing so.

2. Your Hair Is Super Versatile

The amazing thing about a short hair cut is how versatile it can be. You can look sleek and sophisticated by keeping it shiny and straight, or you can look sexy and wild by making it tousled and undone. Short hair is so easy to style, so you have access to tons of different looks in just a short amount of time.

1. You Get To Be Soul Sisters With Beyonce

If there’s anyone we’d all want to be, it’s probably Beyonce. With short hair, you’re one step closer to being just like the fierce pop star! There’s something so sleek and cool about chopped hair. Try out the style and see for yourself! Have you ever gotten a pixie cut or short hair-do? Tell us what you think about the look!